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The Living Bauhaus

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Weissenhof, Oskar Schlemmer and the Triadic Ballet, Mart Stam and the cantilever chair: three artists, three works, one name: Bauhaus. The famous institute for architecture, arts and design was founded in Weimar 100 years ago. Although Dessau and Weimar were home to the academy of this new modernity, it was in Frankfurt where many of the ideas and concepts were implemented. For this “New Frankfurt”, city planner Ernst May and architects like Friedrich Kramer and Martin Elsaesser created a form of social and modern housing with revolutionary ideas such as the Frankfurt kitchen or Frankfurt bathroom. Design assumed social responsibility. Walking through May‘s settlements is an easy way to explore living Bauhaus. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary, Frankfurt will also hold three extraordinary exhibitions.

FRM | Art Schools & Studios

Art-Centers & Talent Pools


Offenbach has been the place on which Frankfurters used to either look down or make jokes that were more or less original. But times are changing, thanks to thriving hotbed for creatives the HfG_OF. For a long time in the shadows of Frankfurt's famous Städelschule and its many international students, Offenbach's Hochschule für Gestaltung (University of Design) has caught up and became a booming centre for Art & Design. Both, HfG_OF and Städelschule are just two talent pools of the virulent free and young art scene of the region. In addition there are many larger and smaller studio houses like the Atelierfrankfurt and Basis Frankfurt, where around 200 artists have a place to work and for showings. Smaller studios such as the Waggonfabrik Mainz, the Zollamtstudios Offenbach or the Atelierhaus Darmstadt are spread all over the Rhein-Main region. The studios and art schools invite to open studios and presentations several times a year: one highlight of the summer most certainly is the three-day HfG tour with cross-media and film night. During Winter several studios exhibit Christmas or art bazaars.

Art Schools & Studios | Frankfurt Rhein Main

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Excursions in art and Area


Sculpture. Nature. Architecture. For more than two decades, the art biennial Blickachsen has been swinging in this triad. Located always in prominent public parks and green spaces, such as the Kurpark in Bad Homburg, once created by landscape architect Lenné, or the spacious front lawn on the Frankfurt University Campus Westend. International artists — Yoko Ono, William Forsythe and many others in 2019 — occupy these designed natural areas with scenography, expansive and often interactive sculptures. They correspond to the spaces and buildings that surround them. The British-Jamaican sound artist Satch Hoyt, for example, plays on the campus green. The pale (National Socialist) historical backdrop of the university buildings combined with stele-like totems made of colorful plastic buckets and QR code-generated pieces of music, reflect the history of African diaspora. Also eclectic: the large tubular structures by the artist duo Winter/Hörbelt. In Kurpark Bad Homburg they internalise the original idea of Lennés line of sight (in German Blickachse). But the view is directed through a tunnel made of beverage crates. In total, around 60 installations by around 30 international contemporary artists can be seen at six locations in the region during the summer months. A good opportunity to discover interesting places and interesting art.

Blickachsen | Frankfurt Rhein Main | May-Oct

FRM | Exhibitions | Spring Edition

From Titian to New Frankfurt

There are over 100 museums in the region with a wide range of exhibitions throughout the year. The following is just a small selection of the overall offer. Spring Edition.

Exhibitions | Spring Edition | Frankfurt Rhein Main

FRM | Exhibitions | Summer Edition

From Brücke Artists to Bengal Stream

There are over 100 museums in the region with a wide range of exhibitions throughout the year. The following is just a small selection of the overall offer. Summer Edition.

Exhibitions | Summer Edition | Frankfurt Rhein Main

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Only the Best For Its Citizens


“The best for this town and its citizens.” In this spirit, banker and art collector Johann Friedrich Städel created Frankfurt’s most important art foundation some 200 years ago. At this time the “Städelsche Kunstinstitut” comprised a stately edifice, 1.3 million guilders, 476 paintings, 4,600 drawings and 10,000 graphic prints. The art works − every piece personally collected – consist primarily of Dutch masters of the 17th century but also Flemish, German, French and Italian works, most of them landscape and historical paintings. Today this private institution is a popular venue for holding large internationally recognised exhibitions, especially of classical paintings. For example, in 2019 the Städel will show Titian and the Venetian masters of the Renaissance, comprising the largest Titian retrospective ever shown in Germany.

DA | Feature | Darmstadt

A Creative City

1-Norbert Latocha-Museum-CMYK

Darmstadt is, and has always been, a hotbed of creativity in the region. It is home to Mathildenhöhe, a compound of stately artists’ and museum buildings best known for the eponymous artists’ colony founded in 1899. The compound is the site of the Wedding Tower, a landmark of German Art Nouveau, as well as buildings by famous architects of the early 20th century, such as Joseph Maria Olbrich and Peter Behrens. The city of Darmstadt is also the birthplace of the Darmstadt Secession, a revolutionary artist community founded in 1919 by artists including Max Beckmann, Ludwig Meidner and Paul Hindemith. A New Darmstadt Secession was founded in 1945 and continues on to the present day. Near Darmstadt there is also the Mediencampus Darmstadt-Dieburg, perhaps the most exciting new media academy in the region.