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The Main Nippon Connection


Nippon Connection is the world’s largest Japanese film festival, even while it takes place in Frankfurt, Germany rather than in Japan. The film festival screens more than 100 fiction, documentary, animation and short films. Dozens of Japanese directors and actors gather here every year more than 6,000 miles away from Tokyo. For its 19th edition, Nippon Connection is once again offering a sophisticated and entertaining programme of recent releases including many European and German premieres. Nippon Connection is one of many international film festivals in the region and one of the largest English-language festivals in Frankfurt.

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You´ll Understand

The vast number of diverse English-language cultural offerings prove that FrankfurtRheinMain is a most cosmopolitan region. This is only a small selection of the most coveted venues and events.

CINEMAS Screening Anglophone Films:

STAGES Showing Anglophone Theatre Plays / Events:

English Cultural Offers | Frankfurt Rhein Main

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Nonstop Film Festivals

Just about 50 film festivals take place in the region throughout the year, which translates into one film festival every week! Many of these festivals are international, contributing much to the region’s cosmopolitan flair. Here is a small selection:

WI | Cinema | Caligari Filmbühne

Cinema With Style


When the Caligari FilmBühne – named after the expressionist silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – rolls out the red carpet, international film stars cannot be far. Located in Wiesbaden, right at the city’s market square, this beautiful cinema runs a sophisticated international programme when it isn’t hosting film festivals such as the top Eastern European film festival goEast and exground, widely known for its selection of international independent films. In 2018, the Caligari received the Hessian Cultural Award for its outstanding cultural commitment. Moviegoers also appreciate the film hall for its uniquely classic interior that conjures up the golden age of cinema, and for the fact that many of the films are shown in English.

F | On Stage | English Theatre

Frankfurt´s Little Anglosphere


It is Frankfurt’s top go-to venue for English-speaking culture and, indeed, the largest English-speaking stage on the continent. Presenting theatre, musicals and parties right at the edge of Frankfurt‘s central station district, the English Theatre lets you dive into another world. Literally, since the theatre, seating 300, is housed in the basement. The programme, however, is anything but lower-tier, boasting six high-profile productions per year, casted and partly rehearsed in London and New York, and drawing 60,000 visitors annually. James the Bar, adjoining the theatre, offers an amicable ambience for visitors to mingle before or after a show and to have a drink. Once a month, it is also the meeting place for the Frankfurt International Stammtisch, a casual get-together of expats (and non-expats) who come to chat about all matters concerning everyday life in Frankfurt.