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Habitats of aspiring artists


Offenbach was long considered Frankfurt’s poorer cousin and often looked down upon or derided. But times are changing. One reason is the city’s HfG_OF_MAIN (Hochschule für Gestaltung, or University of Art and Design), a thriving hotbed for young creatives. For a long time in the shadows of Frankfurt’s more celebrated Städelschule and its many international students, HfG Offenbach has since caught up and has a pull effect in all matters of art. This means that together the adjoining cities now have two habitats teeming with a vibrant and young art scene. In addition the region is home to many studio houses, the two main ones being Basis and AtelierFrankfurt where some 200 artists create and present their work. Main smaller studio buildings are Waggonfabrik Mainz, Zollamt Studios Offenbach and Atelierhaus Darmstadt. Studios and art schools open their doors to the general public several times a year. The summer highlight is a three-day HfG tour with cross-media and film night, and during December several studios organise Christmas art fairs.

Art Schools & Studios | Frankfurt Rhein Main

FRM | Art Schools & Studios

Art Centres and Talent Pools

The museums and exhibitions located in FrankfurtRheinMain are just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of artists have also made the region their home, clustering around the many art schools and studio houses spread across the region. These are some of the main sites of this vibrant art scene:


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