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Painters, Patrons and a Zoo


Bad Homburg, Kronberg, Königstein and Bad Soden are placid, affluent towns nestled in the Taunus, a mountain range on the edge of Frankfurt. While they may seem to be no more than that – calm and picturesque – the old spa towns have been attracting art ever since. They are home to the Sinclair Haus, a small, refined museum in Bad Homburg; a famous former artists’ colony of painters in Kronberg; and the Stadtgalerie im Badehaus in Bad Soden. Sinclair Haus has a penchant for somewhat contemplative exhibitions, such as the currently running Beating Wings – Insects in Contemporary Art. Furthermore, the region is home to Kronberg Academy and the corporate museums of Braun and Horex (a former motorcycle manufacturer). The Taunus even has a small but hugely popular zoo, the Opel Zoo, named after the car manufacturer. All places are accessible by public transport, with one subway leading all the way up to Hohe Mark, a starting point for many hiking trails.

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Bad Homburg, Kronberg & Co.