Photo: © Wolfgang Guenzel

Weltkulturen Museum

April 29 til July 18, 2021
Hidden in Plain Sight.
From being rendered invisible and becoming visible

Museums store, manage and transmit knowledge. But what knowledge is stored and communicated – and by whom? What is excluded or overridden?

“Hidden in Plain Sight” examines how through multiple perspectives and approaches a space in the museum can be created, that allows for critically dealing with colonialism and its aftermaths up to the present day. The exhibition shows how a decolonial education practice can open up new points of view within the museum.

The exhibition deals with current topics such as the history and origins of artefacts as well as interrogates scientific classification systems. In dialogue with works by contemporary artists, the following questions are discussed: Which events and people are absent in texts and in libraries? How many social privileges remain invisible? Which histories are excluded in the dominant historical narratives and are therefore not inscribed in the collective memory?

“Hidden in Plain Sight” deliberately pursues the ambitious goal of creating productive spaces for thinking about new forms of social coexistence and dialogue.

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Photo: © Wolfgang Guenzel