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Only the Best For Its Citizens


“The best for this town and its citizens.” In this spirit, banker and art collector Johann Friedrich Städel created Frankfurt’s most important art foundation some 200 years ago. At this time the “Städelsche Kunstinstitut” comprised a stately edifice, 1.3 million guilders, 476 paintings, 4,600 drawings and 10,000 graphic prints. The art works − every piece personally collected – consist primarily of Dutch masters of the 17th century but also Flemish, German, French and Italian works, most of them landscape and historical paintings. Today this private institution is a popular venue for holding large internationally recognised exhibitions, especially of classical paintings. For example, in 2019 the Städel will show Titian and the Venetian masters of the Renaissance (comprising the largest Titian retrospective ever shown in Germany), The Mysteries of Material, and Making Van Gogh.

FRM | Art in public | Blickachsen

Excursions in art and Area


For over two decades, the international art biennale Blickachsen – meaning lines of vision – has been exploring how sculpture, nature and architecture intersect. The biennale invites artists – this year including Yoko Ono and William Forsythe – to take over parks and natural areas across the region with scenographic or interactive sculptures. Blickachsen 2019 also features sound artist Satch Hoyt. On the campus of Frankfurt University, he juxtaposes the pale backdrop provided by the prodigious, history-laden university buildings against colourful stele-like totems made of plastic and QR code-generated sounds and texts, alluding to the African diaspora. In Kurpark Bad Homburg, artist duo Winter/Hörbelt adapt the idea of visual axes in the form of a large tube made of beverage crates. In total, around 60 installations by some 30 international artists are on view at six locations. A good opportunity to discover interesting places as well as artworks!

Blickachsen | Frankfurt Rhein Main | May-Oct

FRM | Exhibitions | Summer / Autumn

From Bengal Stream to Van Gogh

Exhibitions | Autumn Edition | Frankfurt Rhein Main

F | Exhibitions | Bauhaus

The Living Bauhaus

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Weissenhof, Oskar Schlemmer and the Triadic Ballet, Mart Stam and the cantilever chair: three artists, three works, one name: Bauhaus. The famous institute for architecture, arts and design was founded in Weimar 100 years ago. Although Dessau and Weimar were home to the academy of this new modernity, it was in Frankfurt where many of the ideas and concepts were implemented. For this “New Frankfurt”, city planner Ernst May and architects like Friedrich Kramer and Martin Elsaesser created a form of social and modern housing with revolutionary ideas such as the Frankfurt kitchen or Frankfurt bathroom. Design assumed social responsibility. Walking through May‘s settlements is an easy way to explore living Bauhaus. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary, Frankfurt will also hold three extraordinary exhibitions.

FRM | Festivals | Autumn Edition

Europe and beyond

Just about 100 festivals take place in the region throughout the year, which translates into one festival every week! Many of these festivals are international, contributing much to the region’s cosmopolitan flair. Here is a small selection. Autumn Edition.

Festivals | Autumn Edition | Frankfurt Rhein Main

WI | Caligari Filmbühne

Cinema With Style


When the Caligari FilmBühne – named after the expressionist silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – rolls out the red carpet, international film stars cannot be far. Located in Wiesbaden, right at the city’s market square, this beautiful cinema runs a sophisticated international programme when it isn’t hosting film festivals such as the top Eastern European film festival goEast and exground, widely known for its selection of international independent films. In 2018, the Caligari received the Hessian Cultural Award for its outstanding cultural commitment. Moviegoers also appreciate the film hall for its uniquely classic interior that conjures up the golden age of cinema, and for the fact that many of the films are shown in English.

Taunus | Music | Kronberg Academy

The Young Menuhins

KRONBERG-Mi P-2017_Fumika_Mohri_c_Patricia_Truchsess

Kronberg is a small but affluent suburb of Frankfurt, located at the foot of the placid Taunus ridge. Formerly known for its artists’ colony of painters, which remains to this day, the cultural gem of today is the Kronberg Academy. The school is a veritable mill for young musical talents, offering highlevel violin and cello master classes and captivating audiences with small-but-fine classical concerts. This year, too, five famous virtuosos and educators Ana Chumachenco, Mauricio Fuks, Mihaela Martin, Gerhard Schulz and Pavel Vernikov will be giving violin lessons to students coming from all over the world. Every two years, the Kronberg Academy Festival also enchants the audience with a special musical firework, this year in the focus: Ludwig van Beethoven (Sep–Oct 2019) (loe).

FRM | Film Festivals

Nonstop Film Festivals

Just about 50 film festivals take place in the region throughout the year, which translates into one film festival every week! Many of these festivals are international, contributing much to the region’s cosmopolitan flair. Here is a small selection:


F | Frankfurter Buchmesse



Frankfurt’s Buchmesse is the world’s largest marketplace for publishers, writers and distributors. It’s also something like a huge bookshop that draws the public at large. And it spawns readings and parties galore in all parts of the city. Yet beyond being a Mecca for book lovers, the fair has become an international hotspot as well as a market for games, films and digital content. International publishers display their programme in separate halls. Art and new media are represented in The Arts+ section, where visitors can catch a glimpse of the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image. Finally, every year the fair zooms in on one guest-of-honour country – in 2019 it’s Norway. Museums and theatres usually chime in with theme-related shows, this year with the exhibition House of Norway and the Norsk Festival. Nordic authors also get to read in bookish places throughout the city. An air that will draw you right into this city!

Frankfurter Buchmesse | Frankfurt City | Oct

F | Location | Palmengarten

World Flora and World Music


We all yearn to tune into nature and connect to our senses. An extraordinary and rare place for doing just that is Frankfurt’s Palmengarten, which is open year round. Started way back as a community initiative by Frankfurt citizens, the Palmengarten has been giving joy to people ever since with its lush, diverse and even tropical flora. Throughout the year, greenhouses and opulent gardens invite you to dive into another world. Aside from the many thematic gardens and botanical exhibitions, the Palmengarten is also known for its longstanding “Musik im Palmengarten” program. The program spans a wide range of music styles, from the world’s oldest open-air jazz series through to the Summer in the City festival and Kammeroper Frankfurt performances. Indeed, the tender and poetic ambiance of the Palmengarten ‒ rose and sunlight during summer and winter lights in winter ‒ make the garden a special place to enjoy music.

Palmengarten | Frankfurt City